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I can only see out through my head…

I read an interview recently*, with Nathan Englander — the author of What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank.

In speaking about his stories, he was quoted as saying, “I can only see out through my head. …that’s the world I grew up in. It’s who I am. It’s everybody I know. It’s a complete universe.”

That’s all of us, isn’t it.  Isn’t it?

We all write based on what we see.  See out through our own head.

I know that the stories that I write are my stories through my eyes.  Seeing out of my head.

I just finished a short piece — a very short story rooted in my memories.  It’s called, Red and Yellow. Black and White. (find it posted under the “I LoVe PeOpLe” page of this BLOG).

This story IS about about the world I grew up in. That world has helped define who I am. That world that is my universe.

Thank you Nathan for sharing your stories with us.  For taking us into your universe, and showing us where they overlap — yours and ours.

Thank you to every story teller who shares their universe.

~ Janette

*AND, one more thing — Before I leave this post, I want to give credit to John Barber of the Globe&Mail who in interviewing Nathan Englander put to paper many wonderful insights.  He credits Englander, but to Mr. Barber I say, to have recognized the insights and written them down as you did — is also a gift.  (See Globe&Mail Saturday, March 5, 2012 at page R6 – GLOBE ARTS). THANK YOU John Barber for your wonderful talent too!  Thank you for how you write as you see through your head!


I maybe in the gutter — but I’m looking at the Stars!

As I work at creating a new space for my writing here on the web, I can’t resist beginning with a quote from the man who is peering over my left shoulder.  He is my muse.  His name is Oscar.

He wrote once: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

I love you Oscar!  I love the way you looked at life.  Thank you for encouraging us to see the stars, no matter what our circumstances.

That’s my goal too… to name what is — the gutters of life, and at the same time, remind us that there are stars!  …just like Oscar did… that’s why I’ve hung his picture where I write…

Thank you Oscar Wilde.  I like to believe we would be friends.


Don’t go anywhere…  I’ll be right down!

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